We have a variety of diggers.

content excavation

They can all do:

  • Limited access excavations. (applies to the 1 ½ T digger)

  • Great machine for drilling holes in tight spots (applies to the 1 ½ T digger)

  • Helpful to move rubbish, posts and timber.

  • Versatile for most types of excavation work

  • Post holes, piles, planting trees

  • Driveways

  • Retaining walls/ fence posts

  • Patios

  • Rock breaker attachments

  • Trenching

  • Basement digouts >Clean ups

  • Car parks

  • Larger commercial site excavations

  • Swimming pools / new and fill-ins

We also have operators skilled at operating diggers up to 20T when required.

In fact, there are many more services we can offer please ring and discuss your requirements.

(applies to the 1 ½ T digger)